Mark Zuckerberg spoke Chinese during a Q&A session at Tsinghua University in China.So why would a man already highly successful learn to speak Mandarin and then deliver a 30 minute presentation in a language he is just getting to grips with? Well he could just be learning the language to communicate with the in-laws as his wife is Chinese, or this is part of a business strategy to move Facebook into China then truly become Global.

6. Learning Mandarin is easier than you think

You do not have to worry about verbs! there are no verbs, no plurals, no tenses, no subject-verb agreement, and no conjugations. There are over 80,000 Chinese characters but generally, only 3,500 are used in converation. Infact, it could be regarded as a more logical language.

7. Improve your artistic skills

Chinese symbols and characters require a steady hand. The written words are actually iconographic characters rather than letters. These symbols and characters are created using ‘strokes’ rather like painting.

8. Improve your brain power

We know we need to keep are brains well oiled and studies have shown that Mandarin speakers use both sides of their brains! This will certainly keep brains motoring.

9. Travel to beautiful countries knowing you can communicate

If you can speak Mandarin “the world is your oyster” as you travel across Southeast Asia you will have the confidence to speak with the locals in Chinese, you might even be invited into their homes for home cooked food experiencing real Chinese life. Travelling around the world is always more enriching when you make friends with local people.

10. Eat great food

Sizzling food markets across China offer some unique dishes not found anywhere else. Chinese cuisine is a joy to behold so the language will acquaint you with the types of food not found in our local Chinese Take Away.


As well as the 10 reasons to learn Mandarin, it can actually be a lot of fun.