It's wonderful to have friends visiting from afar! --- Confucius

The limits of your language mean the limits of your world

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Li is amazing. He has made all the difference in improving my ability to speak, and I am excited to continue studying with him and improving my fluency. I would recommend him to anyone of any level. He starts speaking Chinese to you in the first lesson and gives you the immersive experience. — Jordan Levin from Canada

Mr. Lǐ is a very qualified and knowledgeable teacher, and classes are always interesting. In an hour’s time, we use learned vocabulary words to discuss things I’m interested in, including Chinese culture. Any language level is fine with him as he personalizes each course to the student’s needs and his English is good. He’s truly as good as it gets, I can’t recommend him enough. — Corey from USA

The best Chinese tutor I ever had. Very professional and friendly teacher, which makes lessons interactive, engaging and fun. I feel I’ve made a significant progress for just over a few lessons thanks to his teaching approach and good supporting materials. Highly recommend him to anyone who starts to learn Mandarin! — Oleg from Ukraine

L. Hongtao is a great chinese language teacher. I have daily lessons with him and I could see myself improving within days of starting classes. He makes the lessons interesting and engaging and as a result you don’t realise how quickly the lesson goes. Amazing! — Rodion from Russia

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